The start of my fish and chip journey

Here's the after a few years deliberation I decided to fly sole from my parents and open my own fish and chip shop! (although with a lot of help and input!).

As many of you know my family entered into the world of fish and chips over 10 years ago opening Fish Tram Chips in Llandudno, now a go to destination for many fish and chip fans from all corners of the UK plus a few worldwide travellers. The shop has notched up some pretty impressive awards and titles over the years so I really couldn't ask for better mentors on the subject of traditional fish and chips!

The first challenge I faced was where to locate the shop, after all Llandudno is pretty much a no go area (I don't want to upset the Fish Tram Chips crew) plus the town really has a good selection of cafes and restaurants. My aim was to find an area which was more residential, to ensure I had trade 12 months of the year rather than a short tourist season and ideally with no direct finding a town/village with no fish and chip shop I thought would be difficult as there are over 10,000 fish and chip shops in the UK!!!

Well how wrong could I be! I could not quite believe that St Asaph was missing out on the best take away meal of all 'Fish and Chips!' And so my journey begun, first finalising an empty shop and then to start developing a brand.......which really is a story in its self, so check out my next blog to hear the journey I took to achieve 'The Chippery'.

Tess x

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